CRC First-Year Seminar: Exploring the Foundations of Liberal Education

This course will explore the stereotypes of a “liberal arts education” and its value in today’s world. Through this interdisciplinary program, students will explore the study of basic subjects in a liberal arts curriculum. By attending various events around campus and within Chadbourne Resident College (CRC), students will discover the resources of the University while developing a learning community with others.


We will be asking:

  • What are the roots of a “liberal arts education”? What are its stereotypes? How does enacting a “liberal arts education” take shape in our current context?
  • What does it mean to be a citizen to both our local and global communities? What responsibilities do we have to those communities?
  • What does living in a learning community dedicated to lifelong learning mean to you?


Please feel free to browse the syllabusschedule, and course assignments for ILS 138!





Image Credit: Pick a track, any track by Tripp