ConnectedThe course explores how our own engagement and belonging to certain communities compels us to make certain arguments about the world, critique what we see, expose an issue in need of awareness, and bond us with those around us. As participators of these communities, we will consider how we use writing to serve our communicative purposes within these different communities. The idea that writing to respond to our communities creates a communal tie invokes questions of civic, personal, and professional responsibility. Entering a public is intimidating. Engaging a public feels unstable. Executing the proper voice catered towards a public is always temporary and can even be volatile. However, our voices—our abilities to respond—are often our most viable tools for such engagement. This will give us the opportunity to engage us in the more civic and public dimensions of writing.

We will be asking:

  • To what communities do we belong to and what responsibilities do we have to those communities?
  • How do each of these communities shape and shift how we write, why we write, where we write, and for whom we write?
  • Where does responsibility lie and how do we make judgements in uncertain situations?
  • How do we respond with writing to these communities?

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