Due: Tuesday, March 13 (to Canvas)
Peer Review: Thursday, March 15
Length: Fit the Convention of the Genre

In this unit, we’ve been thinking about how to present information to the public, how to inform society of various public issues affecting us today. In this short assignment, we’re going to shift gears slightly and consider how to present ourselves publicly and professionally—in genres that companies and/or programs ask of us once we leave the classroom. The two main genres we will be looking at are cover letters and personal statements. (While similar, the purpose, style, and organization of each of these genres changes based on audience.)

Your task for this assignment is to find a job, internship, scholarship, or graduate/professional school program that you are planning to apply to in the near future. You will collect the job advertisement, information about the company or organization, and literature that establishes what readers are looking for in your letter. You will then draft a cover letter or personal statement that responds to this application.

On Thursday, I will run a workshop that will move in the following three parts: 1) establish genre conventions; 2) analyze samples; and 3) practice drafting. This will essentially be a crash course in professional application writing, and you should plan to engage many, many more readers with these kinds of documents as you move through the application process. The goal of this assignment is to familiarize you with these genres and offer you the chance to practice writing in them. You will have the opportunity to workshop your first draft with a peer and then submit a final version of this assignment in your Unit 2 portfolio.