Due: In class Tuesday, February 13 to Canvas
Length: Open


In your Writing Project 1, you narrate a personal encounter you had with a public problem. You are instructed to describe the order of events and ordering of details as evidence to illustrate your situation. In this reverse perspectives assignment, you will take the perspective of someone or something else present at this time to illustrate the situation. In other words, you could take the position of another individual involved in what happened, or you could take the perspective of a park bench or rear view mirror also present as a way to narrate differently what happened. I will stop you ten minutes before class is over and students to consider how your response to this assignment will inform the revisions you make to your larger project.

Successful Papers Will: 

  • Reflect on a perspective other than your own in capturing the details of what happened.
  • Pay close attention to the organization and order of events as they unfold from another perspective.
  • Provide enough detail so that your reader can visualize the event in their mind. Show don’t tell!

You will submit your reverse perspective to Canvas.