Due: Tuesday, February 6
Length: ~2 pages


Understanding how genres and their conventions operate is a key way to begin analyzing arguments. In this assignment, you will choose two texts we have read so far and compare and contrast how they work. You will outline what argument each text makes and then analyze how the genre conventions enable the success of that argument. In doing so, you will comment on the impact of the genre and its ability to persuade viewers.

Questions to Consider:

  • Who is the intended audience? How much time will they take consuming the information?
  • What is the purpose of the information presented?
  • How does the genre help establish credibility? What response does it evoke from the audience?
  • What types of evidence are used to support the claims of the information? In what form do they take?
  • How is information shaped by the genre? How does the structure help facilitate the purpose?
  • How is language used?

Successful Papers Will:

  • Choose two distinct genres to analyze.
  • Provide evidence from the genres (in response to the questions listed above) to examine the genre’s conventions.
  • Illustrate the effectiveness of the genre that synthesizes your analysis.

You will submit your genre convention to Canvas.