Due Date: Thursday, March 1 (to Canvas)
Page Length: Open 


To help begin your research process, this assignment moves you to begin documenting and annotating different sources that you will use in your second major project. For the larger project, you will need to include several different kinds of source material: primary, popular, and secondary. In this assignment, you begin collecting and reading these different sources, describing them, and speculating how they well help your thinking and writing. Oftentimes when we begin research, one source will lead us to the next, and this assignment gives you the chance to map out your sources before starting the writing process. You will need to find the following sources in relation to your topic:

  • 1 primary source (i.e. empirical data, interviews, first hand accounts, observations, textual evidence, etc.)
  • 2 popular sources (i.e. special interest publications written for public audiences)
  • 2 secondary sources (i.e. scholarly, peer-reviewed publications written for specific audiences)

To successfully complete this assignment, you will list your topic and annotate these sources by including the following information for each source:

  • Citation information (if applicable)
  • A short summary (2-3 sentences)
  • A description of how this source may be useful to you (1-2 sentences)

You will engage these sources when writing your final project, and my feedback will help you consider if you need to narrow or widen your topic based on this preliminary research.