Short Assignment 2: Encomium

DUE: September 13


As explained in Crowley and Hawhee’s Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students, an encomium is a piece of writing or speech that offers great praise to someone or something. Your task is to write an encomium that praises a nonhuman that you feel is deeply connected to your writing practices. The format should follow the one laid out in Crowley and Hawhee’s text: prologue, birth and upbringing, extraordinary acts of one’s life, comparisons used to praise the subject, and an epilogue. No research is required for this assignment; rather, you can reflect on the tool’s life trajectory. With that said, you may use research if you see fit while using MLA citations accordingly.

Your piece of writing should be approximately 2-3 pages.

  • Follow the described format to effectively narrate the praise of a nonhuman while demonstrating awareness of the objects and things implicated in our writing practices.
  • Creatively use the form of encomium to “praise” a nonhuman associated with your writing.
  • Remain free of grammatical errors and be well-written.


(Note: A version of this assignment was borrowed from Jim Brown’s English 706 spring semester syllabus)

See Writing Project 1.