This course will investigate reader and user experience in a multimodal setting in order to rethink what writing means in the new media age. This course draws from composition that happens in digital, textual, aural, verbal, tactile, visual, spatial, as well as other forms in order to question the boundaries of what counts as academic writing. Students will analyze and produce multimodal compositions, while cultivating a theoretical foundation for how we use, critique, and create new media in multimodal genres.



We will be asking:

  • What are the available means of persuasion for each of these new mediums?
  • What shifts are happening to how we write, why we write, where we write, and for whom we write?
  • What new ethical and rhetorical sensibilities are required by these new mediums?
  • What considerations must we now take to social convention, authorship, reader and sensory experience, and finally, genre?

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